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Their signature 'Redbox' kiosks can be found all over the country standing independently or in fast food joints, convenience stores and pharmacies among other locations. Redbox also has 'Redbox Instant' and 'Redbox on Demand' services where customers can stream movies online. The former requires membership while the latter is a pay per view service requiring no membership. The methods of charge for renting a disc at a Redbox kiosk include credit card or debit card.

When using Redbox services online, all digital methods of payment are applicable. It will also cost different amounts to stream or rent games online. Overcharges, therefore, can happen in a multitude of ways. You can be charged multiple times for rental fees or for a purchase. The same can also happen for an On Demand transaction. Overcharges on monthly subscriptions are also possible. You can also be charged for a movie or game you did not purchase or rent. An overcharge may also include a charge for a rental you though had a discount but the offer had long since run out.

Sometimes Redbox will make a partial payment collection if they are unable to collect the entire amount of the charge.

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They will withdraw the rest o the charge the next time you pay which may lead to a charge you do not understand. In rare occasions, an overcharge on your account could be as a result of a glitch in the system. In such a case, you should try troubleshooting your device to see if the charge is warranted. The first step you should take when you see a charge from Redbox you do not understand is to contact your credit card company or bank. Although, Redbox will release authorization for a charge the moment you return the rented disc, it may take your particular financial institution 3 to 5 days to process the charge.

In such a case, the financial institution will be better placed to explain the transaction. However, if the authorization hold is not the reason for the charge, you should contact Redbox directly. Calling Redbox customer service to report an overcharge is the best way to do so.

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Browse the movies in the kiosk. After hitting "Rent a DVD", you'll be brought to a screen showing some of the videos in stock at the kiosk.

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The titles you see on the screen aren't necessarily the only ones in the machine — press "More Titles" to see more. Select the movie you want to rent. When you see the DVD you want to rent, press it on the screen. This will take you to another screen with information about the movie.

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Press "Add to Cart" to add it to the list of movies you're renting at this visit. At this point, if you're renting more than one movie, you may want to return to the list of movies to browse for more. If you're only renting one movie, keep reading. Proceed to check out when ready.

After you've added the final movie you want to your cart, press "Check Out". You will be asked to swipe your credit card on the card swipe next to the screen to pay for your purchase. Enter your personal information as needed. You will be asked to enter your zip code and your email address. If this is your first time using RedBox, the fields for this information will be blank. However, if you rent a DVD again, the machine will remember your information. The email address you provide will be used to send you your receipt.

You will not get a paper receipt unless, of course, you print this email out. When you're done, press enter. At this point, you're free to leave with your movies, go home, and watch them! The DVDs will come in small red plastic cases. Don't lose these — replacing them costs a small fee. Redbox rental periods are one day long — to avoid late fees, you must return your DVDs by PM the day after you rent them. Note that returning a movie later than PM the day after you rented it will cause you to be charged another day's rental fee. If you don't return your rental for the maximum rental period 21 days for DVDs , you'll be charged the maximum rental fee plus tax and you'll be allowed to keep the DVD.

Method 1 Quiz Why is Redbox a good alternative to going to a video store or library? It is a less expensive alternative to renting from the video store. Redboxes are easy to find and easy to use. Redbox has a wider selection.

Method 2. Visit the Redbox homepage. You don't have to visit a Redbox kiosk to rent movies. By using Redbox online services, you can see which movies are available for renting, reserve them for in-person pickup, and even stream movies for instant viewing! To start, visit the Redbox homepage, Redbox. To see which movies are available, click "Movies". At the top of the Redbox homepage, click the "Movies" tab to be taken to the current library of titles available from Redbox kiosks. To reserve videos for pickup, click "Hold for Pickup". Click the appropriate button for the video format your want.

You'll be asked to provide your location information. Based on this, Redbox will display a list of Redbox locations near you with the title you selected in stock. Click "Hold for Pickup" next to the most convenient location. If you're done looking for videos, on the next screen, click "Continue".

If you don't have an account, you'll be asked to make one and provide your payment information. Otherwise, continue reserving movies in the same way as above. Note that the same rental rules apply for online reservations as normal. If you don't check your movie out by PM the day after you reserve it, you will still be charged for a normal rental. To stream movies instantly, visit Redbox Instant's homepage. For many movies, you don't even need the house to start watching. Redbox's streaming service, Redbox Instant, allows registered users to view movies on their computer on demand.

To start, visit Redboxinstant. Use the search bar to find a movie you want to watch, then click on the movie and press "Watch Now. If you don't already have a Redbox account, you'll be taken to a series of screens where you can sign up for one. Once you've subscribed and arranged for your membership payment , you can start watching movies. Method 2 Quiz How is Redbox evolving alongside new technologies and businesses? You can now rent music from the kiosks. Redbox now offers fitness and self-defense DVD tutorials that connect to your mobile device or smart watch.

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