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Since the inception of our teaching company, pelvic health physiotherapy has blossomed from a handful of physiotherapists to well over therapists now rostered with the Ontario College of Physiotherapists. Pelvic Health Solutions provides continuing education courses for a variety of practitioners, including mentoring and clinical resources for therapists to utilize with their patients. Our mission is to provide evidence-based, biopsychosocial resources to patients and health care practitioners for the assessment and treatment of pelvic health problems in our province and abroad.

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Sarah not only recommends for her clients but are also what she used to fix her core after two babies. This program is perfect for those looking to loosen their hip flexors and turn on their glutes and abs! This program is perfect for those looking to improve their posture through exercise, stretching and myofascial release. This series takes you through 6 weeks of video lessons specifically designed to loosen your chest, neck, and midback and improve your strength and posture.

In this course, you will learn s pecialized exercises to build lasting strength for great posture forever. This program is perfect for those looking to have the best pregnancy possible. With this 6-part program, you get access to a group of experts who will help you troubleshoot and tailor the program to your pregnancy, concerns, and issues. Get the knowledge to have a happy, healthy and pain-free pregnancy and the best recovery possible with the Perfect Preggers Workout program! Once you sign up you will be sent an in-depth questionnaire so we can get to know more about your personal issues and goals.

We will then create a 3 month personalized plan for you to follow to get the best results.

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This plan will be tailored to you specifically and will outline week to week what you should be working on. With the Facebook group, we can also adjust your plan at any time if necessary. No guessing, no frustration, no stress. Just simple easy to follow personalized plans that get you results!

The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Pain Recovery

You get everything, all in one membership, all at the same time. Not only can you work through all of Dr. These are workouts that get progressively harder to get you MomFit Warrior strong.

These workouts can be done alongside the rehab programs so you will never get bored with doing only the same exercises. The possibilities are endless! MomFit has an entire section on real nutrition including 4 weeks of meal ideas, minute recipes, kid-friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes and much more! Have a burning question you would love to have answered for you?

Join Dr. Sarah on her weekly Facebook Live where she answers the group's questions to make sure everyone can move forward in their progress without hesitation. These are also posted in the group to watch at your convenience in case you miss one!

Pelvic Floor Release Stretches - FemFusion Fitness

Always know what you should be doing and make sure you are making progress towards your goal! Each exercise in these programs is clearly demonstrated with cues and tips for the best results. Sarah for extra motivation. Each program has a Getting Started Guide to help you in your journey to get the most out of each program. You will also have access to myofascial release videos, diastasis and pelvic floor safe yoga routines, and tons of bonus videos to keep you progressing forward.

This is an online course- Information is delivered immediately to you through streaming video right in the comfort of your home. This course can be used by itself or in conjunction with a Physical Therapist you see in person. If you really hate online learning and have a hard time being self-motivated then seeing a Physical Therapist in person may be your best bet. However, if you love learning, you love improving yourself mentally and physically, and you are a self-motivated individual then this program will be perfect for you.

The human body is very complex and at times can be overwhelming. These programs give you in-depth knowledge of how it all works, which can be a lot of information that you'll need to take one step at a time.

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If you get overwhelmed easily then having access to this much information might not be a good fit. This program has helped me so much. My diastasis closed after the first session!! She does a great job laying everything out systematically and is easy to understand.

"Bulletproof" Your Body - Pelvic Floor and Core - Part 1 | My PT

She even emailed me back personally with questions that I had. I really feel like taking this class has prevented bigger injuries down the road. Thank you, Sarah! I appreciate her unique approach to training muscles. It certainly works! I particularly value her understanding of postpartum bodies and how to restore them. I spent years with other PTs and chiropractors trying to solve my postpartum weakened SI joint and hip pain issue. Nothing worked until I spent one morning in the company of Sarah.

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I have my hands full and I love it. I had a diastasis recti that measured 4. With her PT background, she knows the structure and mechanics of the body inside and out, along with a multitude of exercise solutions for various challenges. All 7 Fitness and Rehab Programs. Printable PDFs of all the workouts to chart your progress. Fitness and Rehab Doctors on Call! Sarah and her team of experts help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed. Support and accountability in the secret Facebook group. Personalized Workout Plan.

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  • Monthly One-on-One Sessions with Dr. Sarah and the Team of Experts. Anyone is eligible for this option after spending a minimum of 2 months in a Group Support membership.