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Complete State care of the mentally defective was believed motrin mg to be essential and should be secured by a provision in the State constitution. The erection of new institutions should be made ] 0ssible by a bond issue. The law should provide that no mentally defective person could be detained longer than a very short time in an almshouse, jail, prison, or in- stitution for juvenile delinquents.

The types of in- stitutions suggested were, i.

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State institutions for the continued care of committed cases, and, 2, State intermediate institutions for the reception, study, and classification of motrin products new cases. The institutions for continued care should consist of a parent insti- tution and a number of satellite industrial and farm colonies. All bedridden and infirm and strictly cus- todial cases should be kept in the parent institution. Proper regulations for the transfer of inmates from one group to another should be provided.

Provi- sion should also be made for the boarding out, un- der proper guardianship, of milder cases of mental deficiency. In well conducted institutions for the mentally defective, these misfits would be given for the firs', time a chance to live in a world peopled by their equals where they could find happiness, content- ment, and security.

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The adoption of a policy for dealing with mental deficiency in New York, would involve the expendi- ture ultimately of many millions of dollars and the enactment of motrin pm coupon laws which would affect the liberty and happiness of many thousands of citizens of the State. Such a policy was urgently needed, motrin eq and no time should be lost in obtaining the data necessary for its formulation. The motrin mg committee recommended, therefore, that the society do everything in its power to have a commission appointed which would in- clude in its membership psychiatrists, teachers, law- yers, social workers, and men of public affairs, and to secure for such a commission an appropriation sufificient to enable it to make a thorough investiga- tion and report.

Stewart Patton, of Princeton, N.