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Housing Accommodation is provided in a variety of options — from a shared room to single room or with a boarding Italian family. Then in the following 3 weeks, you lessons schedule will be as following:. The number of places is limited and the subscription has already opened. To get more details fill the form above. About Latest Posts. Alex Ochakovski Pavia. He currently pursuits his carrier in Ophthalmology and ophthalmic gene therapy research in Germany. Find out more. Keep in touch! External links Unversitaly. Gradually they progress to writing with pencils and pens.

Methods vary from lesson to lesson.

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After every fifth lesson, there is a review and assessment lesson so that parents and teachers can make sure students have mastered concepts before moving on rather than for assigning grades. Optional practice ideas are included for you to use as needed to address weak areas identified by the assessments. Student workbooks are printed in full color. Some pages at the back of the level A workbook are used to construct readers.

You will need one student workbook for each level; for levels A and B you will pick your choice of cursive or manuscript. The Foundations program also requires other specialized items from Pedia Learning: Basic Phonogram Flashcards, Phonogram Game Cards, the custom whiteboard described above, Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards with raised, sandpaper-like strokes, letters, and numbers , and the Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference folder.

For the last two items you will choose either manuscript or cursive style. Foundations recommends that you have two decks of the Phonogram Game Cards. These are published in three versions: manuscript, cursive, and bookface.


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You should probably purchase a bookface deck plus either of the other decks. The publisher recommends a few other optional items you might consider such as letter tiles and Bob Books readers. Course A has 40 lessons and 8 review lessons. Students develop phonemic awareness in words as they learn to identify initial, middle, and ending sounds in words. Students are introduced to blending with auditory activities from the beginning of the program. The blending activities prepare students for lesson 21 which presents the first three spelling and reading words: cat, dad, and sad.

Students might write the words or spell them with letter tiles. By the end of course A , students can read many high-frequency consonant-vowel-consonant words and some one-syllable words with consonant blends. The first week or two, you will also be reading aloud your own Dr.

Course B continues with upper-case letters and more complex phonograms with lessons numbered 41 through As with course A , there are eight review lessons.

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Students learn how to identify vowel sounds by marking them with curved lines, straight lines, and two dots i. Spelling lists are included in every lesson except the review lessons. Students practice forming the words by writing them or using letter tiles. There are no spelling tests. Optional challenge activities include dictation sentences.

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A set of eight small readers is used for reading practice, and you might want to use additional practice readers. Course C adds 11 more spelling rules, 27 multi-letter phonograms, and the schwa sound.

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Students learn to read multi-syllable words. As students become more fluent readers they are given paragraphs to read with questions to answer about what they have read.

This level has 40 lessons with eight review lessons. Knitting Knights , the third book in the Doodling Dragons series, is used as a read-aloud with Foundations C. As with Foundations B , a set of eight readers is used for reading practice, but as children become more fluent readers they often need additional reading material.

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Course D has 40 lessons and 8 review lessons. Students learn six more spelling rules and some advanced phonograms. They are expected to write sentences with minimal help and begin to construct their own sentences.