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The bike was transferred to Athens Airport and to the flight line where the Aircrafts are having their services. Of course you can imagine my surprise.

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The spark plugs are having an excellent color and the PAIR system works perfectly, and finally the Pulse Ignition Coil also measured and works perfectly. Also, he informed me that he would try to find a used pipeline to supply me, move that is much appreciated, but this attempt so far failed. Hi Mat I was wondering if it would be possible to add our Forum to your Vara links section.


I had exactly the same Varadero as shown, but recently traded it in for the new model. I only did 90 miles and had to have a new cooling expansion tank replaced due to it splitting. I wonder if any of your other readers have had the same problems on the MKII model?? Hi Varadero friends, the organisation team of the 4.

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  • 2005年05月13日.
  • Honda Varadero German Meeting would like to ask you for a little remark on your homepage for this meeting. You will find all the informations at www. Zupi Stane.

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