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Specifically, she says American cheese slices are typically a good deal. Individual yogurts are also on her list. However, when it comes to affordable dairy items, milk is not on the list. Not only does BJ's generally offer affordable prices on fresh meat, but each store has a butcher on the premises, which can lead to huge savings, Boland says.

That's because, if you ask, one of BJ's butchers will repackage your meat into smaller quantities for free.


So you still get the wholesale club price without having to store 25 pounds of ground beef in your freezer. BJ's is also great for laundry supplies, Boland says, namely detergent. In this case, Costco ends up being 9 cents an ounce, while BJ's is about 8 cents.

And when it comes to quality, Boland says the BJ's brand works fine for the price. Summer grilling season is just around the corner.

10 Items You Should Always Buy at BJ’s Wholesale Club

That means you may need to fill up your propane tank and BJ's offers a good deal, according to Boland. Disposable paper products, including paper plates and cups, are also a good buy at BJ's, according to Boland. Toilet paper, paper towels and tissues are also cheaper at BJ's, Boland says.

BJ's // Small Grocery Haul w/ Big Coupon Savings!

But she says if you're a couponer, keep in mind you may be able to score even better deals at other retailers. Looking for a coupon deal on Huggies Little Swimmers? This deal ends on June 13th.

If you have a little one s in diapers and love Huggies sign up for their exclusive Huggies Rewards program. Every time you buy Huggies you will earn points. Below you will find baby care products like diapers on sale and paired with a coupon. Pampers fans turn those printers on.

Grab Huggies Pull Ups, 78 ct and up for as low as $23.99 at BJ’s

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New $4 off Huggies Coupon + Check out the Deal at BJ's! | My BJs Wholesale Club

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