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Photo: Photos. From the Bellagio to the Venetian, Las Vegas features some of the world's most iconic casino resorts. McCarran Airport is one of the most heavily traveled in the United States, as tourists seek relaxation — and a chance at fortune — in "Sin City. For the lowest fares, fly to Las Vegas either mid-week or on Saturday. Fare Compare writes that the most cost-efficient days to fly are, in order, Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday. Tickets cost more on Friday and Sunday because more people fly to and from their destinations on these days. Greater demand translates to higher fares. Just as you can get better rates by flying on particular days, you can save money by buying those tickets on certain days.

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Airlines often start sales on Monday night, and other airlines counter by dropping their rates on Tuesday. Therefore, you tend to find the best combination of lower prices and wide selection by shopping on Tuesday afternoon. Casino resorts and airlines are well-aware of the increase in visitors during these periods and adjust their prices up because of the high demand.

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If your trip to Las Vegas is flexible and you can stand the heat, travel in July or August when temperatures are hottest. I am certain that contributes to the ease of everyone getting on and off the plane. Our bags arrived at baggage claim about the same time we got there. I would definitely fly with Virgin Atlantic again.

Cons: Of course coach seat was not super comfortable. And speaker and screen at my seat did not work. Cons: More direction once crew knew the connecting flight would be lost, especially to minors. Cons: Flight left without us even though they knew our flight had landed and we were on our way. Cons: I do not like that mono do sale me a ticket with no baggage and never will by a ticket from this company again! Pros: Economy light is not a good choice but that is not what was special.

Everything worked together very well, beginning with timeliness, but crew and service outstanding. Cons: See above. I will only buy further tickets directly from airline. Eating was a real trick! Pros: I loved the friendly crew who seem to work tirelessly to take care of everyone's needs and have the role of flight attendant, server, and bartender. I personally loved the meals, drinks, and snacks on the flight from London to Las Vegas.

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  8. It's nice to break up the long hours. Lots of great movies and shows to choose from especially "classics" like Friends and The Truman Show. Cons: If there is any way you could please consider taking out a row or two of seats to give everyone just a little more room to breathe and stretch our legs, it would be so appreciated! This makes such a huge difference on our overall mood and feelings of health and well being.

    We were all so crammed in our seats I could barely move to even reach a book from my bag let alone stretch my legs. Luckily I was sitting next to a very friendly passenger, so it was bareable. But it was a 10 hour flight; that's a long time to sit with moving. There are also tiny corners to stand and stretch our legs but we seemed to be in the airline attendants' way- although they never said anything.

    Cons: the entertainment system for the trip from lhr to acc was a bit outdated.

    Cons: The flight was late to Helsinki and we missed our connecting flight to Barcelona that was also on Finnair. I was given a hotel voucher to a nice hotel with a complimentary dinner voucher. The dinner was a buffet that was limited and less than mediocre. A chicken option was not even provided, no soup. Cons: Some features on screen did not work, also seat handle wasnt possible to lower.

    Cons: Could always use a wider seat. I just hate having my hips touching a stranger for the whole trip. Cons: I felt although they said the two attendants were great they were at best mediocre especially the man. Pros: An uneventful and relaxing flight. The flight attendants were great. They actually smiled. Pros: I upgraded to premium economy, worth every dollar. Pros: Orderly boarding process. Considerate reseating when bulkhead with extra legroom were not usable. Pros: I do like the clean aircraft, and pretty precise service. Also it was on time , for comfort the pillow and the blanket was nice.

    Which is awful. Cons: Just a small thing the lady who was serving and picking up the used cups said I have to finish the juice and after she can take it away. So I had to get up and bring the cup to the back. Also they at but flexible about giving choices.

    Cheap Flights to Las Vegas (LAS)

    Only one kind of sandwich they had but I think there was one other kid also. Pros: Great customer service. Gate agent was able to swap my flight for an earlier one. Cons: We took two United flights today Both were delayed Really annoyed by it. Took Delta and AA some days ago without a hickpup. Cons: We took 2 United flights today Both were delayed.

    We took some other flights using AA and Delta, and both were on time.

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    United failed horribly at it. Pros: One of the crew member who served our food seemed in a rush and just dropped our food on our trays : There was a lack of communication at the counter for travelers like us who was making this connecting flight. We were there four two hours and nobody bother to tell us we needed to check-in again.

    Cons: Better communication for people making a connection. Not to wait until you are showing your boarding pass and then telling us we needed to check-in again,. Cons: Flight was late, very little communication, hot and uncomfortable and slow, and everyone missed their connections. Pros: By far the best of the 4 flights involved in my trip. Everything went smooth except for deboarding, but that's because of the people, not the airline staff. There was constantly an attendant walking the plane offering water refills entire flight. Very very good experience. Pros: This flight was eventually cancelled and the rating is solely on the ground experience.

    EuroWings could not have done anything worse. The process took from am upon arrival in Dusseldorf til pm when we were told the counter closed at 10pm and nothing could be done till next day. Cons: Have representatives on the ground and make public announcements about the progress, next steps, help offered and steps that need to be taken.

    The info was sparse and had to be gotten on an individual basis. Cons: The condition of the flight attendants should be improve so that they not appear to be grouchy all the time.

    My video display was not functioning, when I asked for help the flight attendant seemed offended. He went to the back and did get it fixed.

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    I thanked him, but he did not even look at me. Cons: You made me late for my connecting flight by unloading my carry one bags slowly. Cons: Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra euros ridiculous airfrance stuff!

    I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!! Cons: Both flights through Detroit were re-routed, our luggage was lost for 4 days. Cons: Boarding by bus was a total chaos. I had to stand for about 50 minutes, either on the crowded bus or, after climbing with great difficulty three flights of stairs to a high jet-bridge I am 76 , standing there forever with persons waiting to get access to the plane. Totally unacceptable. They started the boarding process early 50 minutes before departure , but passengers were allowed to actually board the plane at the time it was supposed to take off.

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    Pros: Premium economy was perfect, smaller cabin with less people, great flight. Pros: Crew was super helpful and kind. Cons: Media screens are old and miscalibrated. Selection was decent.